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Rape is not Success

When I talk about rape culture I don’t mean to say there’s a secret male conspiracy to oppress women, I don’t mean to say that men are consciously promoting rape, I don’t mean to say men think rape is good. No. This is what I mean when I talk about rape culture:

rape success

In an important football match Bayern Munchen completely obliterated Bayern Munchen 4 to 0. They, however, did not rape them. Rape is a vile crime in which victims are left physically and emotionally broken and traumatized. It’s a crime that makes potential victims fear for their lives as they walk down the street at night. It’s a crime that must, in no way, be normalized by equating it with success in a football match.

By using rape as an edgy tool to get laughs and facebook likes you are creating an atmosphere in which rape is funny, trauma is neglected and victims are told to ‘man up’. Although this might not be the implicit goal of individuals promoting rape culture, it is what it eventually leads to.

You didn’t totally rape your last exam. Your parents did not rape you when they made you stay home during a party. Bayern Munchen did not rape Barcelona. Rape is not success.


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